Non-Prescription Supply Program

ACT1 is one of the few organizations in the U.S. that provide a non-prescription supply exchange program for diabetics in need.

To find out more information and see how you can help ACT1's effort in serving the community click here!

Secure Supplies: Test Strips Save Lives – Tell Roche Pharmaceuticals To Expand Their Patient Assistance Programs!

Join our campaign and sign the petition that tells Roche Pharmaceuticals that test strips save lives!

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These Vagabond Shoes (Are Longing To Kick Back With a Diet Coke After the New York City Marathon)

So, as I mentioned last week, I ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday. And, well, it can best be summed up in one word: Whew. –Whew, because the day I had been awaiting for two years finally arrived with plans intact. I resolved to do the NYC Marathon in 2009, after [...] [...]

Simonpalooza-Big Apple Edition

Do You Know Simon? If not, that’s a damn shame. Allow me to introduce him. Simon is a thirty-something Aussie with a penchant for song lyrics and long walks along the coast. He was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago, after which he went through a long, difficult period of misdiagnosis, apathy, complications, depression, alienation, and….well, crap. [...] [...]

June 27th, 2003

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Some people don’t remember when they were diagnosed. Some people let it pass without notice. Many diabetic friends, I have discovered, celebrate their “diaversary” with….cupcakes! Delicious irony, if you will; a way to give the middle finger to diabetes and have [...] [...]

Secure Supplies: Diabetes Strips Save Lives!

   The test strip crisis  that we wrote about earlier is only getting worse.   We of the ACT1 advocacy committee are immensely grateful for all of the donations of non-prescription supplies we’ve received. Generous people around the country have sent in their extra test strips to us– and we assure you that all our supplies are sent to diabetics in desperate need [...] [...]

Life, Newly Untethered

This whole pump vacation thing is sort of like skydiving, minus the thrills. You hem and haw about the decision to go for it, freak out a little bit (see: my last post), feel nervewracked about the whole thing right up until the moment when you DO IT and then it’s no big deal. Well, [...] [...]