Non-Prescription Supply Program

ACT1 is one of the few organizations in the U.S. that provide a non-prescription supply exchange program for diabetics in need.

To find out more information and see how you can help ACT1's effort in serving the community click here!

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Supply Exchange Program

ACT 1 recognizes that for many reasons, adults with type 1 diabetes may not be able to access affordable medication and supplies needed to treat their disease.

* New Health Insurance says diabetes is a “Pre-existing Condition.”
* Health Insurance puts a cap on the amount of medication/supplies that the insurance will cover.
* No Health Insurance
* Hit hard economic times

Regardless of the reason, ACT 1 strives to help its community in any way possible. To aid this effort, we are setting up a NON-Presciption Diabetes Supplies Portal. If you have extra test strips, glucometers, glucose (tablets, liquids, icings) that are not expired, and would like to help out a community member in need, please contact