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Meet Soara-Joye

Soara-Joye is a fabulous new member of ACT1 who has already become very active in the organization and will now be blogging with us!  Below a brief biography of her and her first blog post.  Thank you for joining us, Soara-Joye, ACT1 is honored to have you!

Spiritualist and lover of life, family, friends, travel and the simplest of things. Very into colors, sequins, milk chocolate, makeup and all things feminine. Actress, Singer, Adoptee, Lesbian and Pomeranian owner. Born and raised in Queens, New York currently residing in the downtown Brooklyn area. One that tries to look at the glass half full, talks to her mom almost everyday, and a Type 1 Divabetic.

So, I have officially began filling out an application to receive medicaid benefits because my health insurance coverage ended on July 1, 2010. I know this happens, but for some reason I am embarrassed. I guess it’s because I feel like I’m now a statistic! Ugh! I don’t wanna be!!!! But it is what it is I guess, at least for now. And thank God for the option right!?

My type 1 gal pal is the one who recommended I fill out an application so here I am. I’m almost done and then I read question 2 from Section F: Are you or anyone who lives with you blind, disabled or chronically ill? 1 box for “no” and the other for “yes”. Hmmm, I mean, I think I am, I mean, I know I am but maybe they mean something more serious, right? Okay, maybe not Soara-Joye… Maybe? Geez, I don’t know what to check! So, I decided to text my gal pal and ask her. She says “Yes, you’re chronically ill. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Ugh! “I” am chronically ill? Me? Damnit! I don’t wanna be! But, I am. My diaversary is coming up. September 18th will be my 3rd year as a chronically ill person. Can’t they come up with something cuter than that? I mean really! “chronically ill” just doesn’t sit with me very well. I’m sticking with divabetic, it has such a fabulous ring to it doncha think? What about you? Ahhhh, divabetic…I feel better already. Lol! Have a great D-day peoples!!! Smooches!

8 comments to Meet Soara-Joye

  • Ug. I don’t wanna be chronically ill either… but sadly, we are. :/ But if it helps you get health coverage, go for it! Good luck with the Medicaid process (I work issuing these benefits in my state. It’s like working for the enemy, almost!).

  • First came the diazons, and now the diva-betics. Perfect! Chronic illness sounds so awful, I know, since diabetes isn’t an ILLNESS for chrissakes, but it just means our d isn’t going away anytime soon…

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and really hope Medicaid comes through for you soon, and that you have enough supplies to last till then…

    (By the way, I just adopted a baby girl, and Cara, who commented above, is also an adoptee! :D )

  • Katie

    So-Jo, first off I’m so excited to have you blogging here and I love your bio!

    Those application processes can be so dehumanizing… it feels weird to check that box especially if you don’t see disability as part of your identity I think, because of all the associations we have with that word. Good luck with the application!

    And I love divabetic almost as much as dykeabetic ;)

  • Soara Joye, you’re adorable. SMOOOCHES!

    Also, Katie– dykeabetic?! WHY have I not heard this before?!?!?! Magical!

  • Tina

    We are so lucky to have you blog with us! I know it’s very hard when we first have to look at it as a chronic illness. “Chronic?” I don’t want to be a chronic anything, it’s the crappier of the two words in my opinion. Just keep your chin up and know that you are not alone. You are a Divabetic as well as an ACT1 (just goes so well with your career, no?)lol. As far as Medicaid goes, don’t let it get to you. Trust me they will try, just keep that beautiful head up ;)

  • Ladies!!! Thank you for all of your love and support! It is such a blessing to have this amazing community! I am hopeful that I will be covered in the next few months. I must share with you all that the Actors Fund has paid for my insurance (cobra extension) for July already…no questions asked! :) And they will continue to help me until medicaid kicks in! What a blessing, huh? Yes! I have enough supplies to last until January at this point, but it never hurts to have coverage…just in case, ya know?

    Question. What’s a diazon? Lol!

  • Erica

    I am a long time friend of the fabulous and mega talented So-Jo! She is a blessing and a wonderful addition to the blog. I have tried to be there with her on this journey but not being a divabetic myself I’m sure I don’t ask the right or enough questions. Take care of my dear friend on this end and I will continue on mine. BTW SoJo actors fund rocks ass right?!

    Much Love,

  • Pascale

    Nice to see you here, So-Jo! Yes, I hate hearing that we are “chronically ill.” It’s a terrible term, but I think saying that I have a disease is worse and I’ve heard that one, too. So between the two of those, I’ll take chronically ill. I think the term that I have come to live with is saying that I have a condition. You can add whatever you want to it – a medical condition, chronic medical condition. Whatever, be as descriptive as you want. Anybody can have a condition. 9 times out of 10, they do! So I live with that better than any of the other descriptions. Anything else makes me stand out more than I would want to. And it’s hard for me to say that I don’t want to or like to stand out because I’m an actress just like Soara-Joye! Congrats to you starting your blog, Lady. Look forward to reading more about your adventures, Divabetic! I hope to start mine soon!

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