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Diabetes Snapshots – day number 6 of Diabetes Blog Week!


When I think of my life living with diabetes, I mostly think of blood sugar readings and the devices I use to manage those blood sugars.  Here are some snapshots that I have taken in the past couple of months that portray my blood sugar readings and my diabetes devices!  You may have seen them already on twitter so I apologize if any are repeats to you.


Meter accuracy is an issue you say?


I love when my meter and CGM are on the same page!


Those high times are pretty rough, especially when you don’t know the cause.


My pump that lets me “ping” my bolus!


The download of readings from my Dexcom …. looks a bit more like a heart rate monitor.


These are the good times :)


Major discrepancy.  Boo!


I think this time they’re all giving me the same message.


Now this is cause for celebration!!!!!

But also, this is a snapshot of diabetes and the community that comes together in support of one another.  And wonderful friendships that are made!


(courtesy of an ACT1 women’s support group meeting held last year)

3 comments to Snapshots

  • I feel like a bad twitterer bc I haven’t seen most of these before! I think you’ve captured all of it – all the ups and downs and in betweens.

  • Wow! I knew you had 2 extra meters, I didn’t know you had more. Cool snapshots. I love the support group picture.

  • Tina

    Hugs cause the snapshots are all very indicative of all the things Diabetes means that people don’t get.

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